What I Really Said


(How have you been?
I’ve missed you
And I think about you
All the time
I dream too
About you alone
While my heart aches
Then I’m okay again
But right now
I have things to say
I want to say
Things that will scare you away
Like ‘I love you’
I think you love me too
I know you do
But you don’t want to
…you can’t
So you lie to me
With your silence
You even lie to you
I know the truth
My heart knows
My soul knows
I have been exposed
So every part of me knows
And I can’t let you go
I’m also aware
That our love is a tragedy
And you can’t be in love with me
I have no words
For the pain
I think I must deserve
So I let it hurt
I let it burn
The tears I don’t cry anymore
They are there somewhere
pooling deep inside
Not sure anymore if I’m even alive)



As For The Impossible

A Poem by Lily Marie

The blue arctic cold is a raging tempest
And it’s going to blow me off me my path unless
I can lift my feeble hands to stop it.
Making the wind bow down to my request.

The fever of the day is a sun upon my face
Scorching red hot against my skin.
Reaching for the string I turn off the switch
My heart still burning from deep within.

The shadow of the trees won’t do for me
So I will fly the depth of the sky and hide in a cloud.
I will climb the tallest mountain to drink
The water of life from that hidden spring underground.

The darkest nights are always too bright
So I need to pull down the moon and hide it.
In silence
I need to die
Rise from the dead after 3 days and live to tell the story

living again,
Each day in a moment.
Since tomorrow never comes
And the sound of the ticking clock resounds
In my memory
I need to stop time
And I
Need to redefine it.

I will raise my voice and testify.
“Faith can move mountains.”
“God is an all-consuming fire.”
“He who makes an honest man of a liar.”

As for all these things I’ve mentioned
I believe my heart, in faith, could do
Of a truth.
As for the impossible…

I need to stop loving you.

My Soul Thirsts For You

A Song with vocals by Shai Sol Haver.

Music and Words by Sasha Fishman
Words are partially quoted from Psalm 63
Video produced by Sasha Fishman and Alexander Shishkin


My soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you,

in a dry and weary land where there is no water.

O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
Because your mercy is better than life.

Where is my home and what is the meaning
of the things that happen to me?
Where shall I go? What is really in my heart
and when will this nightmare end?
Revive me!

O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
Because your mercy is better than life.

Love Is Life

A poem by LilyD with artwork by Thanh Thuy Nguyen and Forgiven Photography.

Flashes of sapphire scales
Betwixt a blaze of green,
As twinkling leaves blow
In the warm sunlit summer breeze.
The sonance of soft water flowing
Vibrates amist the melody of birds singing
Wilst the blood of paradise surges through my veins,
In a vital stream
As I breath.
The essence of nature is quenching my longing.
Satisfying away my despair,
The air
Thick with the smell of nectar
Makes me awake and aware.
Though once an inciepient ripple
The universe,
A sea of living color, has lived in me
In the form of a caterpillar
Unsightly and cloying.
The unanticiapated plot of the story
With an unexpected transformation in me.
In metamorphosis now,
The living dead
Alive again.
Soon I will fly
In whimiscal flight
On the wings of your love,
An unimaginable sight.


You Just Lost Me

A poem by Megan Lawson
With artwork by Morgan H. Nichols Daily Life Co.

You Thought You Had Me, Boa Constricted To Your
Words, As It Wrapped And Darkened My Vision Like A
You Thought You But
One, I Am Done
Two, I Prayed Myself Out Of Your Plans; Three…I’m
And So You Thought You Had Me?
My Hands That Gratified To Your Skin; Solidified To
And If You Thought You Had Me? For A Minute You
And For Every Minute That Struck Around The Clock,
Was My Life Ticking Like A Bomb Killing My
Consciousness And The Fuse Burning Away My Hope
With Every Spark That Flies From It.
You Were So Good,
You Looked At Me With The Lust Of My Physicalities,
But Failed To See The Brightness Of My Mentality
Over-shined being your Damsel; I’m Not Distressed..
And For This..
You Just Lost Me. You. Lost. Me.
When I Found Christ. And To Him Will I Lose Myself
Completely. Not To Man. Not To The Enemy. Not To
Anyone, But My Almighty.



The Ocean In His Eyes

A poem by Lily Dorleon with photography by Forgiven Photography


Just so I could have a drink

God took the ocean and put it in his eyes
Indigo blended aqua
In curious abstract perfection
His pupil sinking deep like a glossy black stone
Surrounded by moss
In transparent emerald laced with gold
Enveloped in the serenity
Of the evening tide
Its not enough but I
Do my best to describe
I stare
For I am aware
That the brightest stars
Reigning from heights
Were brought down to look at me today
To shine
In my soul

Parched like the dessert and just as dry
I was thirsty
My heart
My mind empty
With nothing more to think
Love is stronger than death
I was on the brink
So God added the sunlit reflection
Of the cloudless sky too
Where hope is as free as the birds to fly And grace flowed deeper
Than my
When God took the ocean and put it in his eyes
Just so I could have a drink




I’ve Gone Silent

A Poem by Lily Dorleon
With Music by Brigitta Veskler

It’s difficult to explain
You pull me in
I’m metal
You are a magnet

I don’t fantasize about your body
It’s not lust
It’s not a physical attraction
It’s deeper
So much
Undeniably so

I’m aware of your presence
Half a world away
The coincidences we encounter
The sycronicities
Our life

I look in a mirror
When I look at your eyes
I see your heart and soul and
It’s beyond my control

I get scared

We have a kinship
An affinity
You and me

You’re so familiar
I recognised you
Never saw you before

You ease my mind
Your words comfort my heart
My best friend

Our meeting
Not by chance
We were meant to cross paths
My soul needed you
I was dying without you
You’re a saint

At my darkest
You were my light
My voice of reason
Asking me to do what’s right

I don’t know what the future holds
I know that you cry
I just want to hold you
It’s going to be alright

I’ve gone silent these days
I dare not speak
For it’s far beyond my finite mind
To comprehend destiny